IAE specialises in the production, rental and sales of a range of aluminium aerial working platforms and related services that can cater to a broad range of construction and building management needs 

The range of products and services can be categorised into four broad areas, offering a huge number of customisation options i.e. height, width, mobility, assembly

Aluminium Scaffolding

We can cater to almost any height up to a maximum of 18 metres. All aluminium scaffolds conform to British Standards Institute international load class standards such as BS1139-3:1994 and UNI HD1004:1993.  The modular nature of these scaffolds makes it easier to assemble and customise platform heights with multiple 3-rung, 4-rung and 5-rung frame options available to customers

The company can offer on-demand single width frames to fit narrow working spaces – the minimum width offered is 0.5 meters

Our scaffolding has protective railings and 45-degree stairways

Scaffold Erection & Assembly

Our team will support customers on site to erect scaffolding which has been pre-designed to meet the customer’s requirements

This allows us to play an active role in supporting our customers maintain safety on site and is seen as a valuable way of developing deeper long term customer relationships   

Hoist and Transport Of Platforms

Vertical lift is a key aspect in any kind of scaffolding-related task and, as such, reliable platform hoisting and transport is essential. We will work with customers to design the most appropriate hoist and transport solutions for their needs

After Sales service & Dismantling

We can offer site visits once the scaffolding has been erected to ensure our customers are obtaining maximum benefit from the way they are using our platforms. Recommendations can be made and queries can be addressed

Once the job has been completed, we can support our customers to safely dismantle the scaffolding quickly and safely before transporting it off site

Here To Help

Our friendly team is happy to discuss your needs, organise on-site visits, and answer any questions you may have about access

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