You don't have to look far to find access towers that are available for hire or purchase. 

The single and double width mobile towers are ideal for single or multiple users. 

Because of their versatility, each structure can be used alone or in conjunction with others to create multiple levels of safety at any height up to 15m. 

There are endless combinations that can be created to produce the ideal solution for any environment and project, whether it is a domestic property or a high-rise building. 

We not only supply our most commonly used ladder frame components, but we can also provide 45-degree stair access, public walk-through frames, and more. 

The Welltech brand has become the preferred choice for trade professionals and DIY users due to our strong values of Safety, Innovation, Quality, Service, and Integrity. 

Our products are created with the highest quality and safety standards in mind.

We are completely committed to a quality management system, which serves as the foundation for all company activities and processes.  

This approach allows us to continuously improve customer satisfaction, quality, and business performance across the board.




0.75M x 2.00M

Single width mobile structures are an excellent safe solution for anyone that has to carry out tasks at high levels. 

The Welltech Advance Guardrail provides an ideal solution for a simple & safe solution for working at heights. 

Working with a PASMA manufacturer we produce safe working access equipment to the highest of standards including some of the following: BS.EN.1004-1, TÜV (GS Mark) - BSI/ISO 9001 & more.

The ergonomic design lends itself to quick easy assembly and provides collective fall protection before the operator accesses the platform and cannot be removed before the operative descends from the platform.

With their 'Wellclaws' keeping you even safer than ever before.

Horizontal and diagonal bracing is fundamental in the structure of scaffolding, with claws locking them onto frames. It ensures the rigidity and squareness of the erected structure. 

Unlike conventional claws, Wellclaws are specially designed for easy installation and difficult detaching. 

The efficiency of assembling should, under no circumstance, be achieved at the expense of safety. 

While the one-hand snapping onto frames facilitates the quick and self-locking assembly, the pulling motion required to unfasten the latches ensures that two hands are required, eliminating the possibility of accidental loosening or detaching. 

The hook latches of the horizontal and diagonal bracing are coated in green and red respectively for identification purposes.

  • Safety - Guardrail in place before ascending & descending the platform 
  • Tower Rigidity - 'Wellclaws' keeping the structure locked into place 
  • Fewer Components - Quicker and simpler to build 
  • Simplicity - Easy to use locking mechanism 
  • Single-Width Towers - Platform heights up to 8.84m  
  • Fully customizable - Variable combinations with 3-Rung, 4-Rung, and 5-Rung frames.

The specially designed guardrail units can be used in conjunction with standard PASMA single & double width towers. 

Welltech assembly guides & safety manuals supplied with each hire or purchase.  


1.35m x 2.00m

Ideal for creating large surface areas that can be used by multiple people. 

Greater heights up to 12.55m 

Double width ladder frames are available in three, four and five rung sizes to provide maximum platform options.   

The tower comprises the minimum possible multi-purpose components, no separate ladders or guardrail frames are necessary.

All frames can be used as uppers or lowers simply brace your platform on the third rung below the top of the tower and the correct guardrail height is achieved. 


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