We've been seeing the world of safe working access equipment expand and evolve to meet the needs of many different working environments and users for over 16 years. 

To provide safe solutions for large-scale projects, we use unique methods that need specialised knowledge and coordination. 

Welltech decided to design a solution that would solve several issues and could be utilized in a variety of applications after many interactions with people from various backgrounds and industries. 

We introduce to you to Welltech’s signature product the ‘M-Type Tower’.

There are endless combinations that can be created to produce the ideal solution for any environment and project, whether it is a domestic property or a high-rise building. 

We not only supply our most commonly used ladder frame components, but we can also provide 45-degree stair access, public walk-through frames, and more. 

The Welltech brand has become the preferred choice for trade professionals and DIY users due to our strong values of Safety, Innovation, Quality, Service, and Integrity. 

Our products are created with the highest quality and safety standards in mind.

We are completely committed to a quality management system, which serves as the foundation for all company activities and processes.  

This approach allows us to continuously improve customer satisfaction, quality, and business performance across the board.



Our Signature 'M-TYPE' Tower

The unique aluminium modular design allows flexibility across multiple applications, including event staging, temporary floors & roofing, elevator shafts, modular buildings such as pop-up offices, vaccination centres, and more. 

Because of the interlocking nature of its main construction components the M-Cube & M-Truss, the M-Type Tower is an innovative, robust, and multi-functional structure noted for its massive loading capacity and highly varied forms. 

It debuted in 2012 and has no limits, ready to take on the most difficult jobs you can throw at it. 

The interlocking nature is made possible with the four pinholes on each of its truss ends.  

Four screws are needed for the trusses to be firmly locked. 

The M-Truss dimension has varied multiples of the M-Cube, a 200mm square Cube or 400mm square Cube.  

While the M-Truss is manufactured by pre-welding the M-Cube, it minimizes the time and bolts needed for assembly, M-Cube is the essential node point for joining up vertical and horizontal trusses at each of its six inter-jointing ends. 

The beauty of our scaffolding is the interchangeability. 

The M-Truss is fantastic when combined with our modular aluminium scaffold, with interchangeable parts such as platforms and handrails.   

We can assure a clean, safe, and straightforward solution for those large-scale projects by having a specialised crew on hand 24/7, from design to assembly.

Let's Talk

The M-Type Tower is a specialised product that requires careful preparation, design, and installation.

Contact us if you'd like to discuss your project, have an engineer come to you or your site, ask a general question, or simply want to request our product brochure.

We love to hear about your plans and exploring how we can help in any way we can.