Curated, designed and manufactured with compact spaces in mind. 

Our SMART range has been selected for the single user and ease of use. 

With lightweight components, requiring minimal transit space, and simplicity to install, it makes ordinary tasks in difficult-to-reach places that little bit easier. 

Each has been designed to allow operatives to work safely in accordance with the ‘working at height regulations. 

Assembling any of the ‘The SMART Range’ is quick and straightforward for any individual, with a range of specifically designed security features that allow for easy yet secure construction in under 20 minutes.  

One person strucutres



Our 'Foldable Unit' series is the essence of quick installation, similar to the 'Mi Tower' range but without the hassle of all the components. 

Regardless of competence, one person can make safe working platforms at heights of up to 4 metres in less than 10 minutes.  

These specialised units are perfect for substituting step towers and ladders in everyday use while taking up similar storage space as a ladder.  

They are an excellent choice for internal and outdoor use in household and commercial situations, since they provide a broader working platform.


Every year, around 48,000 people in the United Kingdom fall from a ladder, 97% of whom are doing regular DIY projects at home.

Unfortunately, for around 14 of those people it will be fatal.

Our 'Podium Step Tower' range drastically reduces those risks.

The podium's stability is significantly superior and safer than the average ladder since it has a larger surface area and guardrails to keep you secure.

They are ideal for a quick solution for working heights up to 4 metres.

Compact and agile, allowing them to built in narrow and tight locations within minutes. 

SCT - Solo Construct Tower

For one-person assembly and disassembly access towers, look no further.

Our access towers are made of lightweight aluminium and provide excellent levels of security and stability without the added weight.

It can be built by one person with a work platform large enough for up to two individuals and their tools. Designed for everyday users and applicable in a variety of situations. 

With a small footprint and a variety of heights available, they are ideal for use in a wide range of work sites, internally & externally.

They are simple to store and carry once deconstructed, whether they are utilised in industrial or home settings

MFU - Mini Foldable Unit

The mini foldable tower has been designed to be easy to erect by one person. 

The units are extremely popular particularly with trades that work on low levels and is the safest alternative for low-level access, instead of using steps or ladders, alongside the podium steps.  

The MFU is a small compact foldable unit, for ease of mobility, transport and storage and can fit into most small vans or estate cars.  

The unit is most commonly used in trades from DIY to painters, decorators and electricians.  

Our mini-scaffolding towers are PASMA manufactured and are made to a very high quality.  

All our trade folding towers complies with BS1139 (Part 3) 1994 BS EN 1004-1.

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