We are able to offer a wide range of add-ons, extensions, accessories, and more to structures and towers thanks to our in-house design team and specialised installation teams. 

From a custom stairway, elevator shafts and temporary walk ways and bridges. 

Lightweight access platforms are ideal for gaining access to hard-to-reach areas, large warehouses with frequent tasks, over water or walkways, aircraft, vehicle, and boat repairs, temporary access to on-site containers, and other applications. 

Our in-house design team is happy to discuss your requirements, no matter how large or small, in order to create a custom aerial structure that works for you and your needs, whenever and wherever you need it.

Adaptable access for any environment



Designed to meet many demands of the hire industry today. This versatile unit is available as ¼, ½ or full set to suit any, or all corners of a chimney

It can safely be extended both down the roof to the gutter, or upwards off the platform to access taller chimneys

The chimney stack incorporates many abuse resistant, and easily maintained features

Minimise your stock holding, maximise your options and solve all your chimneys access platforms with a chimney unit from Welltech

The chimney stack can be adapted for special applications such as access to dormer windows

Unique Benefits

Telescopic arms for easy adjustment
No ballast required
Lightweight and simple to assemble
Minimum number of components
Utilises standard single width tower frames.


Creating a safe working platform when out reaching from a tower…

Cantilever frames or units are very useful when accessing items that have a restriction at the base

Here at IAE we can calculate and manufacture Cantilever units for most requirements

We're always happy to give any advice required for these special applications

For use with Welltech Ladder Frame 3T tower systems only

The cantilever is available for 2m, 2.5m and 3m platform lengths

Counterbalance weights also available dependent on specific build requirement


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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Our friendly team is happy to discuss your needs, organise on-site visits, and answer any questions you may have about access

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